Frequently Asked Questions 

Who is the Inter-Agency Task Force on Israeli Arab Issues?  

The Inter-Agency Task Force on Israeli Arab Issues is a professional resource center that educates and raises awareness about Arab/Palestinian citizens of Israel in American Jewish communities. We take a nonpartisan and educational approach. With professional staff in Israel and the US, IATF promotes American Jewish discourse and engagement with Israel that is informed by realities affecting Arab/Palestinian citizens and Jewish-Arab relations in Israel. We also connect American Jewish leaders to civil society leaders and organizations in the field in Israel.  

What is the application process? 

Please submit this application form by July 17th. Finalists will be interviewed by a portion of the Fellowship Steering Committee and asked to share a reference. You will be informed if you are selected by mid-August.

How many Fellows will be selected to participate?

We will be selecting approximately 8 Fellows.

Does this program have a political agenda? Is this an advocacy program?, Will you tell us what to say? 

IATF is an educational organization. We support full civil equality for Arab citizens as an integral part of Israeli democracy. Our educational activities support American Jewish organizations in learning about and making Arab/Palestinian citizens’ concerns part of their w partnerships, investments and work in Israel. We are committed to an educational and non-advocative approach. This creates opportunities for learning about different ideas, narratives, and perspectives, knowing that listening and learning doesn’t need to mean agreeing. We will not tell you what to say, but we will help you figure out how to effectively share your message and ideas with an American Jewish audience.  

We acknowledge that, especially in these times, we are working in politically sensitive environments.  IATF staff prioritizes the well-being and comfort of our participants even as they stretch outside their comfort zones and will support every Fellow in finding the balance that works for them. We will not shy away from difficult topics, but will talk about them honestly and work to build trust among our cohort.  

Will I be expected to say yes to every speaking opportunity once the professional development and travel portion of the Fellowship is complete? 

No. We understand that you will not be available each time there is an opportunity. In addition, if we invite you to a speaking engagement that would make you feel uncomfortable or that raises concerns then you can always say no. To ensure good faith on both sides and communication between IATF programming staff and Fellowship alumni, we set an expectation that you will accept at least 60% of the time. 

How good does my English need to be? 

Fellows need to have very strong spoken English and comprehension, but do not need to be fluent. All of the training will be conducted mostly in English and all of the speaking engagements will be entirely in English. You should be able to participate in a full day of workshops in English, present for at least 15 minutes in English, and have a full conversation in English. It is perfectly okay if you need help translating specific words and phrases.  

Can I apply if I don’t have a passport? 

Unfortunately, given the backlog for passport applications and the timeline of this program, you must already have a passport to be eligible. Please be on the lookout for future opportunities. 

Can I apply if I don’t have a U.S visa? 

Yes. IATF will support you in filling out the paperwork to apply for a U.S visa as soon as possible. You will need to pay a $160 fee to apply for a passport. If you are ineligible to receive a U.S visa for any reason then you will be ineligible for the program.  

Can I apply if I will not be available for every date in the Fellowship curriculum?  

No. If you are selected to the Fellowship you will be expected to attend every part of the program. You have many months' notice for each date so you can plan accordingly. 

Am I eligible for this program if I hold Israeli residency (ex. Jerusalemite) but am not a citizen? What if I live in the West Bank or Gaza? 

Unfortunately, not at this time. For our pilot launch of this program we are focusing exclusively on Arab citizens of Israel. However, there may be opportunities in the future. We encourage you to look through Alliance for Middle East Peace network to learn about leadership programs specifically focused on Jerusalem or cross-border work.

Apply by July 24, 2023


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